A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Do You Have What It Takes To Be The King?!

BattleStick is a crazy and casual fast-paced physics-based 2D stickman MMO where you fight others in an arena with several weapons to choose from!

Imbue yourself with the power of those you've slain whilst misleading your enemies by feigning your own death! The strategies are yours to make, and we will continue to expand upon the game with new and exciting updates to bring you hours of entertainment!

BattleStick is, and will always be, a Free-to-Play game.

More than 300 000 PLAYERS !

Install instructions

Click on the index.html file and enjoy


BattleStick.zip 290 bytes


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dude it dont even START

the game wont start

what is your computer? can you send a message to business@pinterac.net with those information to fix the problem thanks we will offer you free coins

Cool game!!!

game sucks

well you make a game

You also should, Considering this game doesnt have an Executable.